2008 Fender Custom Shop Nocaster "NOS" - Like new/als nieuw

Immaculate Fender CS "Nocaster NOS". This guitar is as mint as they come except for some very light hazing on the pickguard; visible only by certain angels and lighting. No dents, scratches or marks, no buckle rash on the back, no wear on the neck or fretboard. See the attached photos.

This 2008 model belongs to the most authentic generation of the Nocaster reissue, with specs such as 7 1/2 inches fretboard radius, fat "U-shaped" neck, and original style pickup wiring and the coveted "Thermometer" tweed case.

Original style wiring means that there is no tone control; instead the tone control knob provides for a gradual blend of the 2 pickups. With the pup switch towards the neck, one gets the neck pickup alone, with a "dark" cap/circuit. The middle position gives the neck pickup with no cap/tone control. The position towards the rear gives both pickups, with the tone control knob working as a blender. When the tone control is turned all the way anti-clockwise one gets both pickups fully open, and when turned clockwise the neck pickup is turned gradually down until one has the bridge pickup alone when turned fully clockwise.

This wiring is a matter of taste; some players find that the blending option is super cool and gives lots of tonal options, while others change to the typical Tele wiring with tone control on both pickups and the typical snappy/funky tone in the middle position. I left the circuit untouched not least as this gives the true-to-original Nocaster tone palette, which was the most significant functional difference between the elusive and short-lived Nocaster and its successor, the "ordinary" Telecaster.

The neck on this generation of Nocasters is officially a fat U-shape going from 0.95 inches at the first fret to 1.0 at the 12th. I measured this one to 0.973 - 1.008. The neck profile is not an U-shape all the way up, but starting as a typical U and gradually tapering up towards the body to a wide C-shape which makes it very comfortable to play. And the fatness provides a corresponding big tone and increased sustain.

The pickups are the powerful CS Nocaster repros, measuring out at 7.13 Kohms neck and 7.17 bridge, giving a somewhat fatter and more punchy lead tone than an average Telecaster.

Despite the fat neck this is a very light Tele at only 7.28 ozs/3.305 kgs., with a very good balance between body and neck.

This guitar has never left my smoke-free home since I got it back in 2009, and is for all practical purposes like a new instrument - even to the effect that the bag with the ashtray pickup shield and other case-candy is still unopened. These 2008-models came with the original "thermometer" case as well as a hardshell case for better protection by transport and use on the road, and both are included in the sale - in perfect condition like the guitar itself.

No trades/ruilen, sorry!

Conditie: Mint, Like new
Merk: Fender