Selmer Reference 54 alto sax, antiqued laquer, srn. 710***

On Thomann NL this intrument sells for €5.498.
It is possible to try it at Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen.

For questions and to fix an appointment, please send me a message. Verkoper zelf spreekt geen Nederlands (internationale student aan het conservatorium) dus alle gesprekken worden gevoerd in het Engels.

This beautiful Reference 54 Alto is one of the best saxes I've ever played. It has stayed with me for more than 10 years, and it has been taken care of obsessively.
Tone is fantastic, centered and with great tuning and presence throughout the whole register. Rich in overtones and personal, yet bringing some more modern clarity with it.
Top notch selmer-signed projection and response.
The action is just as smooth and ready as you can imagine, balanced and fast. It has pretty touches: the front F pearl, smooth top E key, rounded low Eb/C keys and vintage style body brace.
It's nice and big at the bottom but still full at the top.
It has the authority of a vintage Selmer but with all the intonation problems resolved.
To look at, it is just exquisite, the antiqued lacquer is still present at 90%, there is nothing quite like it.
The original reference Selmer case has some scratches due to the prolonged usage, but works perfectly, fitting the unique shape of the horn, not allowing it to move at when stored.

Reviews van het internet
from Selmer NL
“Altsaxofoon (Es) Reference
Een sterke persoonlijkheid voor een instrument ontworpen en vervaardigd in deze tijd waarbij iedereen het 'déjà vu' effect krijgt van de 'Mark VI'.
De akoestiek, ergonomie en esthetiek roepen herinneringen op aan dit befaamde model:
- een rijk, rond geluid met veel kern; een buitengewone intonatie in alle registers
- een compacte en nauwkeurige applicatuur, een comfortabele grip
De 'Reference' alt onderscheidt zich door zijn grote speelgemak en vrije en krachtige uitdrukkingsmogelijkheden.”

“There is something about this sax that I can’t explain. Call it what you want, shazam, magic, the X-factor, this sax certainly has it. You can see, feel, hear & sense the history and pedigree coming. This horn builds on the legendary legacy to the meet the demands of modern players, it will surely become a history maker. “

from Selmer Paris
The "Reference" Alto exhibits a strong personality for an instrument of such modern design and manufacture, and each musician will recognise the original “Mark VI” feeling.
Acoustics, ergonomic features and aesthetics evoke the spirit of this celebrated model :
- rich, round tone colour, very centred blowing and exceptional tuning balance,
- compact and precise keywork, comfortable handling,
- a specific finish with a fine engraving and dark lacquer.
The “Reference” Alto stands out for its great ease of playing, flexibility and power, giving free rein to each person's expressiveness.

They play the alto Reference :

Steve Coleman
Pierrick Pedron
Manu Dibango
Sylvain Beuf
Rosario Giuliani
Philippe Geiss

Conditie: Mint Condition
Merk: Selmer