Elk ES-30 fender twin clone from 1969

Elk ES-30 Fender clone from the 60's. All tube see story....

Elk started out as a company called Miyuki Industrial Corporation, founded by Mr. Yukiyasu (?) Yamada (never heard his first name pronounced, so may be reading the kanji wrong). He had been tinkering with electronics since he was young, and was also an avid fan of Country and Western Music, and a remarkable steel guitar player who built his own amps for gigs. His amps sounded good, and he got requests from other guitar players to build amps for them, especially as his work was comparable to the best Fender amps at the time, but at half the price. By 1963 he had founded Miyuki Industrial and started selling his amps under the "Echo" brand name. They were a big hit, and were well regarded by professional musicians. When the first guitar boom hit Japan in 1965 with the advent of Beatles-mania and the Ventures, it was expedient for Miyuki Industrial to start producing guitars as well, and so Mr. Yamada turned to his friend Takahiro Saito (whom he knew through Country & Western Circles) and asked him to head up their guitar division of Miyuki Industrial. While mulling over a name for the guitar line, Saito, who had an affinity for hunting suggested "Elk" - as it was three letters, and easy to remember, and it sounded like a conjunction of "Eleki Gita" the Japanese phrase for "Electric Guitar" This became not only the name of the guitars, but of the amps as well.

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