AMT SS-10 tube preamp


zeer strak en modern klinkende clean (zeer mooi!) , crunch, mono, 2 channel, distortion unit voor gitaar (ook keyboard, synths,enzovoort....)

perfect voor metal, rock, pop, funk, etc......dit is geen vintage bluesy gruizige preamp.

als nieuw! uit verpakking gehaald, aan gezet en weer uit. en niet meer gebruikt.
met handleiding, adapter en orginele verpakking.

waarschijnlijk ook nog garantie

CLEAN CHANNEL will provide you with anything from smooth warm driven tube sounds, to bright and shimmering clean tones. This is capable via the 3 tone control knobs Low, Mid, and High; and also by help of the special EQ adjustment switch. The switch offers 3 unique tone stacks from where the clean channel's tone starts with. Then from one of the 3 positions, the tone can be even further modified with the control knobs. You will find this useful in getting a wide variety of clean guitar styles. Useful also in compensating for various pickups from different guitars.

CRUNCH CHANNEL is used for those semi-clean to mean sounds. Blues overdrive, classic rock drive, and vintage 80s hair metal crunch; all easily dialed in on the SS-10's Crunch channel. Controls of the Crunch channel include Gain, Level, Low, Mid, High, Presence, and a 3 position selectable Treble Shift switch.

LEAD CHANNEL is for those mean to EXTREME+ guitar tones. Blistering, screaming, pure tube metal distortion powerhouse. Perfect for aggressive guitarists and drop tuners! The SS-10 lead channel will please even the discriminating players who are never satisfied with the amount of gain. AMT knows heavy guitar technology and the SS-10 will provide more than enough! Similar to the Crunch channel, the Lead also provides control over Gain, Level, Low, Mid, High, Presence, and has a Treble Shift switch. Take your guitar to low B, we're ready!

Warm Stone tubes:

100% functional analog of vacuum 12AX7/ECC83 tubes (same size too!)
Constant characteristics during whole service period - no need to replace them almost at all!
Blind tests show no difference in sound character between WS and vacuum tubes
Original design and cool look (orange line glows when they're on)

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